Korfball: A New Hope

Edinburgh City KC held their Beginner Session on Saturday 13th January and we’re pleased to say it was a great success.

beginners1The hall at Oriam was full of people giving korfball a go! With over 30 in attendance, with some help from players already at the club, the newcomers were put through a crash course in korfball.


Starting with some shooting drills, players were invited to try their hand at scoring in a variety of ways, before being introduced to one of korfball’s unique rules and practicing how to ‘defend’ the opposition.


A quick demonstration match was staged in order to show what they were about to be asked to recreate, but all of the participants took to korfball like ducks to water! It was fantastic to see the goals flying in and we’re certainly hopeful of seeing many of the attendees back at training over the coming weeks!


Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend our Beginner Session, we welcome new players throughout the year and if you were interested in giving korfball a go you can email eckc.development@gmail.com

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