Andrew joined Edinburgh City. Be like Andrew.

In the next instalment of our new members feature we have Andrew Goode who joined the club after hearing about korfball through work. After coming along to give it a try earlier this year, Andrew has been a regular at training and made his competitive debut for the club back in April.

Hi Andrew! Thanks for joining us today, you’re our newest member to the team, how did you find out about Edinburgh City Korfball Club?

I used to work with Katrina (current Edinburgh City president). There was actually another korfball team’s poster on our noticeboard but Katrina managed to convince me that Edinburgh City was the place to be.

Had you played many sports before you gave korfball a try?

I had played a bunch of sports. Mostly tennis, squash, badminton and football, but there’s nothing quite like korfball!

After coming along to your first training session, what were you first impressions of Edinburgh City Korfball Club?

The club is really friendly. It’s just a big group of friends who are always looking to hang out, and are so welcoming to anybody who wants to try Korfball. And there’s a big variety of skill level there, so nobody ever feels out of place at training, literally everybody is encouraged to play in the teams.

How would you describe korfball to those who haven’t heard of the sport before?

Korfball is not like any sport I’ve played before. It is probably closer to netball than any other sport, but there’s a pace and energy in it that I think you need to play to understand.

And finally, what is it that keeps you coming back to korfball each week?

It’s really fun! There’s no better word to describe it. I need all the practice I can get, I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of Dan’s hot tips!

Dan Pratt is the club’s head coach and will be leading a free Beginners Session next month for those wanting to give korfball a try.

Edinburgh City will be hosting its next Beginners Session:

Saturday 11th August at Oriam Sports Centre from 1pm – 4pm

For more information visit:

or email:


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