Catch up with another recent recruit – Jacky Mo!

We’ve got another new member to catch up with, Jacky Mo also joined us after attending a Beginner’s Session back in January and has been at training ever since. Jacky has developed really quickly and even made his 1st team debut at the end of last season after only a few months of playing korfball.

Hi Jacky! It must seem like a long time ago now, but how did you find out about Edinburgh City Korfball Club?

I heard about the Beginner’s Session from a board-games meet up where someone kept on about this thing called Korfball. We initially joked that it sounded just like a cult!

Jacky mentions that he’s still not completely sure korfball isn’t a cult! 

Had you played many sports before you gave korfball a try?

I’ve played quite a few sports, mostly badminton, football, basketball and ultimate frisbee. I’ve learnt something from each of them that I’ve been able to bring to korfball.
Having come along to the Beginner’s Session in January, what were you first impressions of Edinburgh City Korfball Club?

The lack of hooded robes and chanting was a disappointment but the people were amazing. Ranging from the super passionate to more laid back casual players all within a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

How would you describe korfball to those who haven’t heard of the sport before?

Korfball is an extremely fun, mixed-gender sport somewhere between netball and basketball but yet still utterly unique.

And finally, what is it that keeps you coming back to korfball each week?

There’s a real team spirit of inclusion, cooperation and fun. I also have a personal desire to improve, stay healthy and I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.

Edinburgh City will be hosting its next Beginners Session:

Saturday 11th August at Oriam Sports Centre from 1pm – 4pm

For more information visit:

or email:


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