Catch up with one of last season’s new recruits!

Edinburgh City recently caught up with one of its newest members Lauren Kelly to find out how her first few months with the club have been.

Lauren joined Edinburgh City after attending a beginner’s session back in January and has been at training ever since. Last month Lauren also joined the committee to help organise the club’s social scene and has been an inspiration since joining.


Hi Lauren! First things first, how did you hear about korfball?

I found out about the City Beginner’s Session through a meet-up website where one of the members shared it in a group I was following.


Had you played many sports before you gave korfball a try?

I’d played netball occasionally along with a bit of running and rowing.


Having come along to the Beginner’s Session in January, what were you first impressions of Edinburgh City Korfball Club?

My first impressions were of a young group of players who like being active and social. There was a range of people who were serious about korfball and had been playing for a long time, with others who seemed more relaxed and playing recreationally.


How would you describe korfball to those who haven’t heard of the sport before?

Usually I describe it as “Mixed-gender Dutch netball” to friends and family.

(Korfball is a Dutch sport, with the word ‘korf’ meaning net or basket in Dutch. So this is a particularly accurate description!)


And finally, what is it that keeps you coming back to korfball each week?

Korfball is good fun and helps me to unwind after a long day at work and I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of learning a new sport.

Compared to netball, players can move more freely around the court and you get to play with guys too which I think encourages cooperation and team-work.

It has been nice meeting new people and feeling like I’m doing something productive with my free time.


Edinburgh City will be hosting its next Beginners Session:

Saturday 11th August at Oriam Sports Centre from 1pm – 4pm

For more information visit:

or email:


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