City 1 and 2 both take second in SKL1 and SKL2

Edinburgh City had both teams playing this weekend, with all Scottish clubs being hosted at Oriam for the final day of the season.

With 12 matches happening across 4 hours, league winners, top scorers and final positions would all be decided in a festival of korfball.

The 1st team played reigning champions Mavericks and close rivals Glasgow, with the possibility to finish anywhere from 2nd to 4th in the final standings. Whilst the 2nd team would face Edinburgh University and Dundee with 2nd place already guaranteed due to their head to head record with 3rd placed Dundee.

Edinburgh City 1 v Glasgow 1 (10-15)

City went into their first match knowing that avoiding a 10 goal loss would cement a 2nd place finish for the season having the better head-to-head record against Glasgow. Glasgow have grown into the season and were always going to be a tricky opponent.

The match got underway with a quick goal from Dan Pratt but then Glasgow pulled away quickly, Calum Lindsay has been in great goal-scoring form and would end up with 6 goals at the end of this contest.

At half time the score was 9-4 in favour of Glasgow and it looked as though things could slip out of grasp for the citizens. But a steadier second half helped City to find the scoresheet on a more regular basis whilst slowing down Glasgow to tie the second half, the final moments saw Chris Horsley and Jacky Mo come on and secure runners-up in the 2017/18 SKL1 season.

Scorers: Clive Minshull, Dan Pratt (3), Andrea Kinver (2), Emma Cottell, Finlay Hannah (1)

MVP: Clive Minshull

Edinburgh City 1 v Edinburgh Mavericks 1 (10-16)

The final match of the season for the 1sts was against unbeaten league champions Mavericks. The task in this game was to cause as many problems in defence and let the game flow from there.

The Citizens battled incredibly well, the game going back and forth and at the break the scores were 9-8 in what was one of the most hotly contested matches of the season and the biggest fight that Mavericks had found themselves in all year.

After the break the scores continued to be close, at 9-10 down Dan Pratt broke free for a running in shot and was hauled back before being able to get off a shot but the referee was not placed to see the foul which would have given the Citizens the chance to tie the game. Unfortunately the ball then went straight to the Mavericks attack and Angus Davidson scored to create a gap that was never clawed back. The half closed out with Mavericks finding the korf a couple more times but a thoroughly entertaining game and an incredible performance from both teams was a wonderful way to end the season.

Scorers: Daniel Pratt (4), John Bagnall, Clive Minshull (2), Emma Cottell, Andrea Kinver (1)

MVP: Clive Minshull

Edinburgh City 2 v Edinburgh University 3 (8-0)

The university side were blighted by exam period and food poisoning meaning they were unable to put out a team and the Citizens were awarded an 8-0 walkover win confirming their 2nd place finish above their next opponents Dundee.

Edinburgh City 2 v Dundee 2 (9-10)

This match was tight throughout, with neither side being able to pull more than a goal ahead. The Citizen’s were heavily reliant on Ella Fisher and Kitty Dutton for their goal scoring with 7 out of the 9 goals coming from the deadly duo. City had fought back to level at 9-9 but with one minute left on the clock Dundee were awarded a free pass which they converted to take the points.

A close finish, but a good end to the season with City 2 seeing a whole host of fresh faces come into the team. The fact that they finished runners up having had 9 players new to the club rotate through the team, 4 of them completely new to the sport, is a testament to how well they have performed.

Scorers: Ella Fisher (4), Kitty Dutton (3), Chris Horsley, Lee Brodie (1)

MVP: Ella Fisher

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