Thrilling fixtures for both teams to kick off 2018

Edinburgh City 2 faced up against Edinburgh University 3 and Glasgow 3 on Sunday taking away two victories to keep themselves in the SKL2 title race.

A comfortable victory over the hosts Edinburgh University, before an absolute thriller against Glasgow ended with the winning goal coming in the last minute of the match.

Edinburgh City 2 (10-1) Edinburgh University 3

With the first match back after the Christmas break, it would have been forgiven for City to start slowly but the team got out of the blocks quickly and never looked back.

The Citizens handed a competitive debut to one of their new recruits Jacky Mo and he looked a natural on-court with strong rebounding and defensive play throughout. A season debut for Craig Stephen was also hugely welcome with his play across the day helping City on both ends of the court.

City’s girls dominated the game in attack with Nina Murdoch getting herself a first half hat-trick and MVP before being substituted at half time. The game was a good warm up, but the toughest test was to come.

Scorers: Nina Murdoch (3), Craig Stephen, Kitty Dutton, Andrea Kinver (2), Lauren Halkerston (1)

MVP: Nina Murdoch

Edinburgh City 2 (10-9) Glasgow 3

The second match of the day for ECKC2 was a much tougher affair, starting the game by allowing Glasgow 3 to a 0-4 lead it was going to take time to edge their way back into the game. Nina Murdoch started the scoring for City and by halftime the score had narrowed to 3-4.

The second half was a real battle but with Bob Mather getting himself a hat-trick to inspire the Citizens to a lead it looked as though momentum was well and truly with City but Glasgow were not ready to give up on the game and whenever City took a lead Glasgow would hit right back.

With the scores locked at 9-9 and time running, Lee Brodie raced past his defender to score with only a minute left on the clock to score the winner and ensure City left with all of the points.

Scorers: Bob Mather (3), Craig Stephen (2), Ella Fisher, Lauren Halkerston, Lee Brodie, Kitty Dutton, Nina Murdoch (1)

MVP: Bob Mather


Edinburgh City 1 were defending the Broughton fortress this weekend with visitors Glasgow 1 and Dundee 1 hoping to be the first teams to take points away from City’s home venue this season.

There was slight rearrangement in the fixtures after Dundee were delayed with a motorway accident holding their team up. City managed a last second equaliser against Glasgow before beating an ever-improving Dundee side to end an entertaining day’s korfball.

Edinburgh City 1 (12-12) Glasgow 1

With Dundee delayed, Glasgow were up first in City 1’s first match of 2018. With a number of players ruled out with injury and illness including both captain Clive Minshull and vice-captain Emma Cottell there were 1st team debuts for Casper Volker and Ella Fisher in this matchup.

Glasgow started the scoring and despite City finding the basket regularly the visiting side were edging out to a comfortable lead. With a little Dutch influence, Glasgow were vastly improved since the last meeting showing a new attacking style that was working for them well. The quick ball movement left City’s defence struggling and Glasgow pulled out to a 5 goal lead with penalties and free passes.

City began a comeback though, a hat-trick from Heather Mackintosh brought the Citizens closer and Dan Pratt scored a tough chance to make it 10-12 however it looked as though a result was out of reach with the timer showing only 1m43s left of the game.

A quick goal in attack gave City hope and then an interception from Dan gave the Citizens hope of a dramatic finish. With less than 20 seconds to go the home side were being encouraged to shoot from the raucous crowd. A shot hit the basket but Finlay Hannah brought in the rebound and found Casper Volker in space, from around 6m Caspar steadied his feet and took aim, the shot dropping through the basket to ensure City remain unbeaten at home so far this season. The final whistle went right after the restart and the team celebrated a fantastic result.

Scorers: Dan Pratt (4), Heather Mackintosh (3), Finlay Hannah (2), John Bagnall, Caspar Volker, Elly Gaunt (1)

MVP: Heather Mackintosh

Edinburgh City 1 (15-12) Dundee 1

After the excitement of the first match, it would be difficult to maintain a high level in the final game of the day but City battled well throughout this one.

Dundee have also improved dramatically since the sides last met, with ex-Citizens Graham Robertson and Stella McNulty proving to be thorns in the side of their former club scoring 7 goals between them.

Another big performance from Heather Mackintosh eased City through this game and earned her a second MVP of the day, with John Bagnall leading the scoring at the other end to give both sections reliable attacking options. Ella Fisher also came off the bench to score her first goal for the 1s with a trademark one handed runner.

The game was tight throughout, but City’s composure held out and a couple of late goals ensured the win.

Scorers: John Bagnall (5), Dan Pratt, Heather Mackintosh (4), Ella Fisher, Ailith Ewing (1)

MVP: Heather Mackintosh


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