A tough weekend for the first team

Edinburgh City had an all-Edinburgh affair last weekend with matches against Edinburgh University and Edinburgh Mavericks 2.

With ECKC having suffered a heart-breaking defeat to Edinburgh University earlier in the season, they were aiming to pick up two wins here and continue their good run of form following two home wins in their last fixtures.

After a disappointing performance in the opening match saw ECKC lose out again Edinburgh University, the Citizen’s managed to do just enough to get pick up a win against Edinburgh Mavericks 2.

Edinburgh City (9-12) Edinburgh University

In the first matchup, the Citizens faced a hungry University team who were keen to build on their victory in the two teams’ previous meeting.  Edinburgh City struggled to get going in attack and found themselves unable to deal with the height and energy levels of the younger University side.

Five goals from Edinburgh University star Robyn Seabright helped to keep the University side in front throughout the game and Edinburgh City struggled to keep composure as the game began to slip away from them.

MVP: Heather MacKintosh

Edinburgh City (7-6) Edinburgh Mavericks

After a disappointing result in their first match, Edinburgh City were determined to secure a win against local rivals Edinburgh Mavericks 2.  The Citizens again struggled to take control of the game in attack and the game remained close as the two teams traded goals.

The second team showed little change from the first as both squads struggled to break down the defence of the other but Edinburgh City were able to retain more composure in this fixture and came out winners by one goal.

Scorers: John Bagnall (3), Andrea Kinver, Heather MacKintosh, Dan Pratt, David Ewing (1)

MVP: David Ewing




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